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Division of Neonatology with NICU.

Fields of interest and related ongoing or plan projects.

1. Ventilatory support of premature infants: both non-invasive and mechanical ventilation., , Resl K. MD, Maloškova G.MD, Kudrna P Eng,PhD and Prof. R.Plavka, MD. PhD

a/Comparison of NCPAP and SIPAP non-invasive modes in premature infants < 30 weeks. Prospective, one centre randomized trial.

b/ Comparison of PSV/VG and AC//VG in infants with evolving and established BPD. Investigation of time constant dependent variables. One patient two times crossover trial.

c/ Non-invasive methods of continuous CO2 monitoring. Comparative trial of measured data validity.

d/ Evaluation of extubation criteria during the weaning on MV. 24 hour data analysis.


2. Stabilization and resuscitation of extremely premature infants in the delivery room. Lamberska T, MD, MD, Lukšova M, MD, Dunajova K., MUC and prof. R.Plavka, MD, PhD


a/ Oropharyngeal surfactant administration during the first initial breaths. Feasibility trial in ELGA infants < 25 weeks.

b/ POPART trial, coordination of international multicentre randomized trial (POPART) in the Czech Republic


c/ Comparison of face mask and binasal prongs interface during the resuscitation of extremely premature infants. Prospective observational study.


d/ Evaluation of HR and SpO2 data of extremely premature infants in relation to their outcome. Retrospective data analysis.



3. Tissue oxygenation and neonatal morbidity. Settelmayerova E, MD, Tuškova M, MD and Plavka R., MD, PhD


a/ NIRS data evaluation in premature infants during the first 72 hours after delivery.

b/ Delivery mode influence on cerebral oxygenation. Comparative trial.

c/Relation between cerebral and splanchnic oxygenation before and after erythrocyte transfusion. Prospective observational trial.


4. Epidemiology of premature infants in the Czech Republic. Smíšek J, MD, Fenclova J, MD, Kudrna P, Eng. PhD and prof.R. Plavka, MD,PhD

a/ Implementation of eNewborn database in NICUs of Czech Republic. Data collection and establishment of Czech Neonatal Network.

b/ Comparison of neonatal morbidities and mortality according to the gestational ages. Evaluation of better practices and their implementation into the clinical practice of NICUs with high rates of neonatal morbidities and death.



5. Modelling and simulation in medicine. Kudrna P, M.Eng., Ph.D.


a/ Model of the effect of oxygen fraction in gas mixture on arterial blood oxygen saturation during respiratory support of a newborn.


b/ Optimization of CPAP generators for newborn infants.


c/ Simulation of pulmonary diseases using rigid models of the respiratory system.


d/ Simulation of failures of medical devices



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