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ksva 18.05.2022

Credits before State Exam

 There are 3 ways how to receive credit

1) Students in the end of the 5th week of  Ob/Gyn rotation will discuss  clinical case at the  departement. (according the table)  and will get a signed certificate (for download here). There will be  no mark, this signed document, please bring to Mrs. Urbanova. (Office Apolinar, First floor, Chairman office) 

2) Certificate about 2 clinical weeks -  to Mrs. Urbanova

3) Certificate about Full course at  cooperating Universities - to Mrs. Urbanova or via Students office

Clinical case: teacher will provide you with  clinical situation f.e. - bleeding menopausal women - and you will think about causes, what examination will help you to get to the diagnosis and suggested treatment. This should be a training for understanding "Clinical questions" 

ksva 11.04.2022

FB group for quick communication

 During the Ob/Gyn rotation please register for FB group, allowing common and fast communication between students,  teachers.

ksva 20.12.2022

Ob/Gyn rotation - important information

Dear students, (6th year) 

As you already know Ob/Gyn Syllabus last 7 weeks – (3 weeks practical seminars and theoretical lectures, 2 weeks clinical attendance, 1 study week, and 1 exam week)

We will encourage you to do voluntary summer elective where you should see (normal delivery, Ob/Gyn ultrasound examination, hysterectomy, cesarean section, gynecological examination and routine ward care) We will recognize this voluntary elective (worldwide, only certificate needed) and you will be able to skip 2 weeks clinical attendance. 

Therefore, there will be 3 ways how to fulfil criteria for Ob/Gyn subject.

You will always need to pass final State exam at First Faculty.

1) Full attendance of 5+2weeks at the First Faculty

2) You will attend 2 weeks clinical elective (any Ob/Gyn department -worldwide), bring stamped certificate. Then you will be required to attend 3 weeks practical seminars and theoretical lectures.

3) You will attend full Ob/Gyn program of recognized university abroad. This requires receiving our pre-approval. You will send us your request, with the name of university and its Ob/Gyn syllabus. After our review you will (or not) receive our approval and you will be required before the state exam bring us a certificate from the visiting university.

Those 3 options you chooce in SIS as a subgroup of Ob/Gyn. In case you will need exceptionally switch group you need send as an email

A/Prof. Kamil Švabík, M.D. Ph.D. – vice-chair for English teaching program Ob/Gyn


Attandance form for 2weeks elective for download


ksva 12.05.2021

Places at clinic

Places at clinic for practical attandance