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Oncogynecologic Center


Head: David Cibula, M.D., Ph.D.

tel.: 224967484; 224967480


Ward G1, tel.: 22496 7440

Outpatient clinic, tel.: 22496 7480; 22496 7481

Chemotherapy unit, tel.: 22496 7421


Oncogynecology is Ob/Gyn subspecialisation dealing with diagnostics and treatment of precancerous lesions and cancer of external (vulva) and internal genitalia (vagina, uterine cervix, uterine body, ovaries) and breast.


Gynecologic Oncology Center
Chairs: David Cibula, MD, PhD; Jiri Slama, MD, PhD; Daniela Fischerova, MD, PhD
Main research streams: a) Radicality of surgical treatment; b) Imaging in gynecologic oncology; c) HPV associated lesions
Contact to trial office: ivana.nohova@vfn.cz

Projects ongoing or under development:

SENTIX (A prospective observational trial on sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with early stage cervical cancer)

Project description: This prospective trial is aimed to confirm that sentinel lymph node biopsy without removal of additional pelvic lymph nodes is associated with non-inferior oncological outcome but lower postoperative morbidity in comparison to systematic pelvic lymphadenectomy. Requested number of patients to enroll is 300.

ABRAX (ABandoning of RAd hyst in cerviX cancer) Oncological outcome after completing or abandoning (radical) hysterectomy in patients with cervical cancer and intraoperative LN positivity)

Project description: The trial is designed to address the question whether radical hysterectomy / hysterectomy should be completed or abandoned in patients in whom lymph node involvement is detected during the primary surgery.

ISAAC (Imaging Study on Advanced ovArian Cancer)

Project description: A diagnostic accuracy study comparing modern imaging (index tests) – pelvic and abdominal ultrasound, ceCT and WB-MRI/DWI - with intraoperative and pathological findings (reference standard) in all consecutive patients referred and operated for suspicion of primary ovarian, tubal or peritoneal cancer.

CITECO (Interobserver multicentric study on ultrasound staging of ovarian cancer)

Project description: An interobserver study involving ultrasound experts in ovarian cancer staging assessing tumor spread in pelvis and abdomen using videoclips, predefined protocol based on consensus meetings and the online research protocol (the ‚Clinical Data Miner‘).

Preoperative staging of vulvar cancer (a prospective multicentric study on ultrasound staging in vulvar cancer)
Project description: A diagnostic accuracy study using predefined terms, definitions and measurements to describe the non- and infiltrated inguinal lymph nodes, online research protocol based on consensus meeting.

FERTISS (FERTIlity Sparing Surgery in cervical cancer patients outside controlled trials)

Project description: Retrospective database of cervical cancer patients who underwent any type of fertility sparing treatment. The aim of study is to assess treatment modalities, oncological a perinatological outcome and follow-up methods, in the frame of routine clinical practice.

HPV test in the follow-up of cervical cancer patients after radical hysterectomy or primary (chemo) radiotherapy.
Project description: Prospective collecting of HPV tests in cervical cancer patients who underwent radical hysterectomy or primary (chemo)radiotherapy. The aim of study is to assess prevalence of HPV infection in post-hysterectomy/radiotherapy and its impact for prediction of local recurrence.


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