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Perinatology centre

Perinatology centre


Perinatology centre of the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, led by prof. MUDr. Antonín Pařízek, CSc., is a tertiary level obstetric and neonatal intensive care unit. Annualy, approximately 4500 births and 500 NICU admissions take place. It serves as a referral centre for the most severe pathologies in pregnancy for the entire Czech Republic. The centre pursues to follow the evidence-based management of pregnancy pathologies.


The workplace has long-term experience with treatment of:

- preterm delivery

- diabetes in pregnancy

- pregnant patients with heart disease

- inflammatory bowel disease in pregnancy

- pregnant patient after organ transplantation


The ongoing research focuses on:

Endocrinology of the fetomaternal unit

The associations between maternal and fetal steroid production to pregnancy pathologies.

Team: Pařízek, Hill, Dušková, Šimják


Reproductive Immunology

The role of maternal immune system (especially T-regulatory cells and complement system) in the development of preterm delivery.

Team: Pařízek, Koucký, Malíčková, Černý, Hrbáčková


Etiopathogenesis of gestational diabetes mellitus

Identification of biomarkers involved in the development of gestational diabetes.

Team: Pařízek, Šimják, Anderlová, Krejčí, Krejčí


Smoking in pregnancy

The negative impact of smoking on the health of the offspring.

Team: Pařízek, Adamcová, Dušková

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